Last Night, I got excited when Timon said my Page Rank hits one rank higher, I was like, “Really?”… I can’t wait to see if it’s real so I checked it myself. I don’t want to create false hope for myself, I want to make sure it is real.

My Page Rank Hits One Rank Higher!!!Wahoooooooo!!!

My Pagerank Hits One Rank Higher!!!

Guess what? My Page Rank Hits One Rank Higher!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! That is amazing! I am really improving, that is also a motivation call to work hard on my blog. My blog is still young, 6 months old and getting my page rank one rank higher after 2 months? I got my first Page Rank 4 months after starting up the blog, and after 2 months more, My Page Rank Hits One Rank Higher!!! Dude, that is awesome! You can check it yourself to find out that is true!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Also, hitting 700++ Unique Visits a day and still growing!!!

My Page Rank Hits One Rank Higher!!!

(Stats as of April 3, 2009 ; 8+ Time Zone)

That only means Google appreciates my effort and giving me good ranks for doing that! Wahooooooooo! I am planning to do some improvements on my blog again soon to prove everyone that my blog deserves to progress in whatever a Fashion Blog takes and I will be sharing it to you soon. Watch out for it!

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6 thoughts on “My Page Rank Hits One Rank Higher!!!

  1. Hi Pinay Celebrity! Yeah, I do write blogging tips occasionally. I just don’t want to overwhelm my blog unrelated to my niche, but you could check out other tips on my Money Making Online Category and I will write more.

    The charts shows I am doing great!!! and sure I will share more tips in my following posts. Just check it out often, if you like to get the Latest Fashion Trends, Beauty Tips and Money Making Online Tips as well…Ciao!

  2. Hey! I just happened to come across your blog while searching some images and I couldn’t believe you were a cashcrater member as well.. haha!

    Pretty cool coincidence! Isn’t it an awesome site?

    Well just wanted to drop by and say hi, and congrats on the PR! woohoo! I myself just got ranked, after about 5 months of hard work, and I know how great it feels to know you’ve accomplished something! So congrats chica 😉 and keep up the good work!

  3. Yep, cashcrater is cool! It’s fun affiliate program, having fun while earning from answering surveys or playing games? that is awesome way to earn money!

    Thanks Trini, yeah, I’ve got my first pagerank 4 months after starting this blog, and rank higher last month and I’ve been blogging for just 6 months! Weeeeeeeee! 😀 Have a great day Trini! Ciao!

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