My Newly Designed Header is done. Yep, after few months of trial and error of what template would be best on my blog as my old ones, for some reasons didn’t work alright, I found another. Then, I had to edit and design some this and that to make it look more unique.


My Newly Designed Header

Along the way, I had to design over and over again as sometimes the design doesn’t match the template, or the pixels, or it was too big that will make it load really slow, etc., etc…


My Newly Designed Header

My Newly Designed Header

My Newly Designed Header is finally…Whew! after long months of trial and error, got it right. Now, my blog still have tons of work to be done. My Newly Designed Header is just one, but the biggest leap on improving it!!!

What do you think on My Newly Designed Header? It was a hardwork trail and error…Tell me what you think?

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