Prepping up…

One more day and I’m off to Bangkok,  I am not sure if I am scared or excited but I will say more like the latter.  Why am I excited? It is not my first time in Bangkok and you’re probably wondering why the thrill?  It is because I always have a dream to travel the world and this trip would be the beginning of that dream (I wish I’ll make it).

I hope to make it on my “Round the World” journey…

I didn’t want to tell anyone in my family when I’m coming back, to be honest I don’t know either when will I come back.  It will be a trip going forward and this will be a big thing for me, a great adventure.

How did I come up with all this sh*t?! (It isn’t sh*t, really)

It all began 2011 when Cailin, one of my friends I met in Cambodia, answered me when I asked her how long she’s backpacking? She told me it has been 3 years then that she was traveling 6 months and working back home(US) for 6 months as a yoga instructor.  She inspired me knowing that she’s younger, she was the first one who told me I can do what she was doing and I could start that very moment telling me “Come on, come with me!”.  I was so skeptical that time, doubting myself if I have the guts like hers to do it too(it was the first week of my solo travel and I was still chickening out of doing it).  Few months after, I met Dave in Bangkok, he was traveling the world non-stop for 2 years and hoping not to go back to his home country (UK), he is a freelance writer online (and of course, I started traveling solo the time I met him obviously). Then a year after, there was Jamie, I met at Kota Kinabalu Airport and traveled with him in Brunei, he was traveling for 4 years and hasn’t been home(UK) since he left, working few months on working holiday visa in Asia Pacific (NZ and AU) then traveling around again.  The last person who inspired me to do this(so far), was a fellow Filipino Dave, although I haven’t met this guy nor saw him on photos, I have read his travels on his blog that he has been traveling for 8 years straight doing any odd jobs he can get to finance his travels and survive.

After meeting these people(personally or not),  I told myself “I think I can do that too…” and I don’t care if people could not understand me because of that, it sparked something in me.  When unexpected turn of events pushed me to quit my last job I didn’t know it will be the start of building this dream to reality, I prepped myself with what Jamie called, ‘ticket to the world’ gear that will help me make the mission impossible, possible.

So mark September 2, my journey to fulfill my dream to travel the world begins.  Join me on my greatest travels and I will be embarking to the adventure of making bolder moves to learn and to explore what the world has to offer.  My life without border begins.


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13 thoughts on “My Life Without Border Begins…

  1. I wish you safe & happy journeys, Lyndsay! You’re an inspiration to anyone who fears following their travel dreams.

  2. Great post! It is brave to be bold, but surely the rewards will be worth it. Have fun. Take lots of picture too 🙂

  3. How long are you going to be in Bangkok Lyndsay? I should be there around the beginning of November.. planning for a full moon party over NYE in Ko Pha-ngan!!

  4. Coolio!! I’ll give you a shout when I am about to fly out to Bangkok from Chennai, India to start my travels. Heading to India from London tomorrow to spend a couple of months with my parents. Would be nice to hook up with a fellow travel blogger.. *GOOSEBUMPS!!*

    1. Haha! You’ll defo bump in to 2 travel bloggers here. I’m neighbours with Regin of Regin’s Travels literally! 🙂 Will be a party if you come by when we’re not busy. See you soon!

  5. so, that’s why you’re gone in just a blink of an eye… 😉 we should’ve had coffee or something before you left.. that’s a bold move, wishing you the best this world has to offer!! see you when you get back (not very soon, i guess.. hahaha!!) Godbless! 😉

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    I look forward to hearing your feedback.


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