After spending 2 months in Singapore to try my luck, it was not that successful.  Yes, I did found an employer but they did all they can to hire me but the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in Singapore rejected my pass twice leaving me jobless and penniless during my stay.

Despite all the words I used with -less the stay wasn’t so bad as I met good people during my stay.  I became friends with all the staff in  the company  I want to work with, staff and guests at different hostels I stayed in Singapore.

At Backpackers Inn…

This Inn is filled with Filipino tenants and it is so nice to meet all them.  From the management, reception to staff were Filipinos, and majority of the tenants were Filipinos as well.  Marriene(the manager), Limuel(receptionist), Jane(house help), and the tenants Ezra, CJ, Aki, Jam, John, Kuya Vic, and Emilia(my buddy).

After a month of stay in Backpackers Inn, I moved to a family friend’s house nearby for a month, with the Yamashita Family.  Aunt Beck and Uncle Hiro with their daughter Aki was so nice to offer me a month of stay in their house.  A gesture I wouldn’t forget my whole life.  I spent Christmas with them and had my first Japanese cuisine dinner!  Got me craving for that when I went back home.

A Special Friend I Met in Singapore

Eugene is a special friend I met in Singapore on my 4th week (I stayed 10 weeks in total).  The person who made my stay there colorful(hehehe, I’m still dramatic hey Eugene?lol).  Oh well, it was cool hanging out with him for a while, city walks, cinemas, cooking and dining, chats, and hanging out with his great friends.  Memories cherished, no worries. 🙂

Well, the friendship continues I reckon even if we don’t get to see each other anymore since I left Singapore and he left for work.

Footprints Hostel People a.k.a ‘Footies’

So, my last 2 weeks were spent at this hostel and it was a blast.  Meeting the super friendly staff like Francis and his girlfriend, Net (Filipinos), Michelle and Anna (Singaporeans), Team Agents; Benedict, Jay, Lester(he’s called L.A. too!), Sheila, and the rest of their team I can’t remember the names (they are from Philippines as well); my roomies Jeff  & Neil(Philippines); Ali, Ariff and his brother, James, Joanne (guys from Malaysia), Luca(Italy), Jamie(Canada), etc…

Yeah, I met lots of people at footies because the hostel is pumping with backpackers and tourists due to its amazing amenities and service, not to mention super friendly staff and management.


I can’t forget Emilia though, my Filipina roomie whom I became really close from day 1 in Singapore until now.  We still keep in touch, she calls me once in a while in Vietnam but now that I’m in Thailand we lost contact as she doesn’t have Facebook. We never had dull times together, we chat anything that you wouldn’t tell an acquaintance but yeah, no secrets between us.

(Me, Eugenie, and Trond)

Friends from Orchard Central (OC)…

Most of my time were spent at the Orchard Central in Singapore and found great friends there too…  My supposed to be employer Warren, Rick, the stylists; Sky, Sean, Jaymz, Trond(Thai), Eugenie(Chinese) and the assistants; Ying(China), May(China), Nick(Malaysian), Baowen and my mentor, Leon(the rest are Singaporeans).  They were my family in Singapore!  Spent Christmas with them, joke around and have lunch and dinner with, long chats to the metro and all. I miss them all people.

I didn’t get to roam around Singapore as I have done touring Singapore the first time I was there, strolling around the streets and feats of Singapore with my family.  I want to go back there again to visit friends and go to places I haven’t been.  Yes, some places I haven’t been like inside the Universal Studios, Night Safari, and I want to swim at the pool deck of Marina Bay Sands at night time.  It would be great to star gaze there.

My last two weeks are just all about mingling with friends, saying goodbyes and visiting job agents that might have help me go back there soon.  Meeting friends is a lot more fun than stressing out about MOM! hahaha!  So, it’s not that bad…


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