(The first attack)

Philippines Vs Thailand: Thais Aren’t KJ!

Ever since I started backpacking, I’ve been hearing about this awesome festival that Thailand has made the traveling folks talk about.  I know there are tons but Songkran always stands out when getting the most votes for fun and celebration.  I heard it was just splashing waters to everyone and they will do the same to you, so you better wear your Songkran floral shirt or an old shirt that you don’t mind getting ruined.  I thought, “Oh we have that in the Philippines too, every St. John The Baptist’s Feast Day (June 24) we splash waters to everyone!” but somehow, instead of willing to get wet for the celebration, the people are hiding in their houses to avoid getting wet.


(Fire man splashing public with his fire hose)

♫ ♪ Thais Just Wanna Have Fun!♫ ♪

Unfortunately, even if we have the similar kind of celebration, it really isn’t the same. Why?  Thais are effin’ awesome! They are not hiding in their houses to avoid it but instead everyone loads their huge drums or bucket with water, put them on their pick up trucks or motor-sidecars, they all ride at the back and splashing everyone they see along the road with their little buckets or water guns.  Yep, no one gets mad when they get wet, it’s the spirit of the celebration, all in the name of fun!


(Firing waterguns to powder puff guys!)

In other parts of Thailand, the popular places to celebrate were Bangkok and Chiang Mai.  They celebrate 3 days in a row but April 13th is celebrated everywhere in Thailand.  People gather on the main streets with their water guns, buckets, colored powders, and even the firemen knows how to have fun.  Fire trucks roamed around Patthalung’s busy streets making every one crazy to get pouring water from the fire hose.


(Victims of colored powder  attack)

People are pumping their loudest speakers with the Thai modern dance music and sometimes a world wide hit song like “Gangnam Style”.  It was so much fun, I felt like I was a kid again.  Having a high powered water gun, I stand quietly at my friend’s place in Pattana Road and attacks all the people I know that pass by and the people who attack me first.  I remember my ‘Farang’ friends told me how ruthless and accurate my attacks were.  It was really fun!  My photos were just limited at the beginning and almost at the end when not much splashing were happening to save the camera, but it was a great fun!

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