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Yesterday, when I went to Taguig looking for a new place to move.  Honestly, I haven’t been there since 2004 and obviously, I don’t know how to go around that area (take note, that’s where I’m planning to move).  I asked Yen’s advise to take the Philippine National Railway Train and said to alight at FTI station.

I have never tried that before as I heard people living next to the railway throw bags of poopies (please excuse my French) in a passing train, although I heard  from my brother that they have new trains now with air-con and they covered the train well to protest passengers for those crazy people (plus the fact that government demolished all the squatter houses beside the railways).


PNR trains are known for the mass train, the cheapest means of transportation around Metro Manila and even to the provinces.

I live just few blocks to the Dapitan station, so I went there and tried it the first time.  I paid Php 10.00 to FTI station.  The air-con wasn’t enough to accommodate the mass riding the train at the heat of 1.30pm, it was cool that is cheap but it wasn’t because the air-con wasn’t working well and there’s a lot of passengers.  I feel like I’m gonna faint soon with the heat, humidity, and there’s no air!  I don’t mind the bunch of people riding, but the suffocating interior is what I can’t take.  So, I don’t know if I would suggest this to people or not, but if you are into saving money and doesn’t care what you will have to deal with in that experience then you can take the risk.  I still would want to do it next time, but I guess only when its not at peak and not that hot.


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6 thoughts on “My First PNR Train Ride

    1. I wanna try it again off peak hours, but if it is, I’d stick to LRT and MRT lanes…those trains are better(not the crowd wise) but atleast, they have better ventilation (good ac).

  1. Haven’t tried PNR since uhm, I was a kid. Haha. We used to take the PNR to Tarlac! It’s sad they don’t have that service anymore. I wanna try the rail that goes all the way to Bicol.

    1. Hahaha! It wasn’t a good experience for me the first time, but then I tried it again thinking maybe I was just caught in the rush hour with a bad train. True, I got a better train with good ac and not so packed (because they’re always packed). Mind you, they can be overpacked during rush hour, like you don’t have to hold on to something while standing in the middle, you won’t fall because you can’t even move! Hahaha!

      I’ve gotten used to it, but one thing I noticed too, passengers of PNR are more considerate than LRT passengers. They wait for your to get out and give you space to get out no matter how packed it is even if you’re in the middle (away from the door). LRT passengers just don’t care.

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