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I know its a shame to not have experienced Thai massage even after going back and forth Thailand (and tell you what, even fish spa, I haven’t done at the time of writing this).  When I was back 2nd of September, I was eyeing for the right place that will do it for the right price but I noticed how the price has gone up from 180 THB for an hour of full body massage to just 180 THB for just a foot massage!

I thought, “Hell no!” I won’t pay for that price.  After a month and a half living in Bangkok I got a gift from my boyfriend Chris to go and relax at a Thai massage.  From the first plan of visiting the floating market last weekend that didn’t push through just because I didn’t feel like doing it that day, we ended up going to a massage place around the block.  Thanks to Chris for making it happen.

As usual, the Thai lady started talking to me in Thai and Chris talk his way to get the awkwardness go away.  The lady realized soon that I’m not a Thai.  She asked to please wait 15 minutes for her colleague to arrive and while we wait she asked us to change our clothes to their brown fisherman’s pants and a scrub suit-like top.  Then sitting on the couch waiting, she took a wooden basin filled with warm flower scented water where I soaked my feet for few minutes (Chris got the same) and the lady scrub my feet a little later, rinsed it before she asked me to lay down their cool Thai massage beds.

Soon enough the other masseuse came and they began the massage sessions for an hour as we have requested.  Thai massage is a massage without using any oil, herbs, or powder.  The masseuses used only pressure and techniques to release the ‘knots’ as referred by Chris in our muscles.  It was sometimes painful as the lady find ‘knots’ but relaxes me to find out that the ‘knots’ will be released or stretched soon enough to give me relief.  I love how she twisted me here and there like a pretzel untying the ‘knots’ as my bones crunches!

I got a mild and relaxing Thai massage while Chris said he got his back sore from it.  I thought he got a good one just watching his masseuse gently stepping on his back while holding the pole divider of the bed’s curtain.  In anyway, even with pains I still enjoyed it as well as the tea they prepared for us after the massage and the rolled hot towel.  The Thai massage costs 200 THB an hour and it was great!  Thanks again to Chris for making my first Thai massage happen, and guess what? It’s in Thailand!

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2 thoughts on “My First Authentic Thai Massage

  1. I love getting a Thai massage but I have to admit some practitioners are much better at it than others!

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