I’m trying out my luck on vlogging and by doing so, I realize that it isn’t just talking in front of the camera, it’s a one man video production! I am a rookie, trying to get in to real business of video blogging on my own with more research and hoping I will be able to pull it off.  For some time in my blogging life (since 2008), I have received several suggestions to make videos of my travels and I was even invited to be one of ABS-CBN’s Online Superstars (One of Philippines’ Major TV Network) but couldn’t materialize because I’m out of the Philippines.

With more and more elbows nudging me to plunge into it, I’m now dipping my feet in its waters and found out that it is a serious business. Why? You may ask, it’s a lot of work, planning, directing, and creativity that comes with it.  You can either be following an outline or your creativity can overwhelm you to get lost from the theme.

Starting from presenting yourself in front of the camera to put or not to put make-up on, lighting, setting, topic selection, delivery, to editing the video. If you think presentation is easy, think again.  It doesn’t end there, editing the video to make it appear very interesting to its audience takes a lot of time and effort. How a scene should play exactly on queue with your audio and the effects used, not to mention choosing/editing thumbnails when uploading the video on the chosen platform is vicious.

Try to appreciate that from the beginning to the planning stage, when you are watching the video, takes a precious time to produce it to something that you will enjoy (or not) and a simple like when you really like one is such a big pay off for the effort.

I appreciate it now and will try my best to learn more about it and make a better video after another.  I hope you enjoy my amateur video and let me know what you think. Feel free to suggest tricks on improving it and topics to talk about. Ciao!


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