(Leizel and Me!)

It was my 29th birthday yesterday, May 31st 2011.  Instead of doing my usual habit of treating my family out for my birthday dinner, I decided to celebrate it with my buddy, Leizel.  Simply because I am broke! Hahaha! And all I can afford is to treat one person to Starbucks.

It has been what? a month? Yep, a month since the last time me and Leizel saw each other.  It was the surf trip with Nick in Aurora, which will be posted as soon as Leizel have posted the photos on Facebook.  Although, we have been in constant communication through the social network, I know we have a lot of catching up to do.  True to my prediction, the 3 hour meet up did not even cover all the things we need to update each other!  We will meet on the 4th of June again for more, and that time she will sleep over our place so we can at least take out as much as we can.

The Birthday Cake

Anyway, it was funny how it went.  I thought I will be the one to treat her that day, but as sweet as Leizel is, she would not want to stop until she gets how she wants it.  The next thing I know is that she bought a chocolate cake for me, and the funny thing was?  She was so prepared and surprised me when she took a cute birthday candle from her pocket and put it on the cake! Awesome!  She made me wish and blow the candle on the cake she bought for me.  Isn’t she the sweetest buddy ever?  Did I mention to you that she gave me a remembrance guitar-key-chain before we left Krabi? She did.

It was a pretty relax day for me and been good to celebrate it with Leizel.  Thanks again Leizel for your surprisingly cute effort to make my birthday a lot more special!


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