My Italian Adventures in Babysitting

Two years ago when I left Milan.  For three years I worked every work I have never thought I would, but I made it with flying colors.  What’s the use doing it, if you’ll not do your best, right?  Whatever it is.  Those 3 years were my adventures of babysitting happened.

I worked as an Italian-English translator(volunteer), housekeeper, caregiver, dogsitter, babysitter, etc… It’s kind of bizarre actually, but the exact story of my life you’ve probably seen it in the movie, “The Nanny Diaries”, well most of the part although I’m not as strong as her to confront those stuff she’s been through.  Yep, and I did have the same sentiments that she have that most people wouldn’t understand.  Specially my family and relatives, that added a lot to the adventures of babysitting.

I’m not Good at Dealing with Kids!

Dealing with kids is not my thing,  I was never a kid person, dealing with tantrums, and all that.  Yet, fate has brought me to do it.  Maybe, wanna teach me a valuable lesson.  All the stuff I said I don’t wanna do, geeez, within 3 years, I have to do it.

Nanny Diaries

Reminiscing the Adventures

Funny looking back to my adventures of babysitting days.  I remember the first Filipino kid I have to take care, he’s really naughty and cries a lot!  I was shocked, neighbors keep knocking on the door complaining about the noise! What can I do, he wants to play the Christmas Lights and he cried because I didn’t want him to touch it. LOL…

The second was a cute little 3 year old timid girl (Filipino),  I love that kid, she’s obedient.  Although, the only problem is when her mom was about to leave, she’ll cry out loud so her mom has to hide and escape.  She is so timid, that I should be asking her everytime if she’s hungry because she wouldn’t ask.  Until, his 7 year brother from the Philippines moved in Italy too.  I have to deal with 2 kids, the brother was really naughty.  He always watching porn, he said that’s what his uncle always does, and whenever I try to stop him his getting violent hitting me and throwing me anything he can. It freaks me out!

The next adventure in my babysitting is a cute Italian-French 1 year old baby girl.  On the first day, it was really a chaos.  She was fine like 30 minutes since her parents left for a dinner meeting, but I think as soon as she realize that her mom and dad wasn’t there with us, she starts crying.  I tried everything I could, I fed her with her ready made mashed fruit her mom prepared for her.   She stopped for a while.  Then she started crying again, so I did my weird dance to entertain her, it works! but geez, it was tiring.  When I stopped, she started crying again.  That was an hour and a half passed, so I have to call up her parents and tell them she doesn’t want to stop crying.  Her mom rushed in and I told her what happened, she ended up staying and let me go home.  The baby stopped crying as soon as she saw her mom.

Babysitting Emmy Came so Natural

Those were the kids that was part of my adventures in babysitting.  I met a lot of kids later, but I’m not babysitter anymore, I don’t want to have another adventures in babysitting so I shifted to housekeeping instead.  It’s easier than dealing with kids for me. Haha!

My Adventures in Babysitting

Yet, when I came back, my sister’s baby Emmy is so cute and all day long I used to hang out with her.  I was even her half-nanny, as she have her own but I keep taking care of her whenever her nanny has to do stuff, and every afternoon we always watch “Barbie”, and her other favorite cartoon shows and movies.  😀  Nah, not boring, I love Barbie though. LOL

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