Everyone talks about MTV Awards night 2009, why? You’re crazy if you don’t know why… Kanye West was misbehaved and crazily disrespected Taylor Swift in National Television blatantly!  What a charcter hey?

Well, everyone is entitled for their opinion, but beyond your proper conduct…hmm, sometimes we do that, but hell no to humuliate someone on National TV! Who do you think you are Kanye?!  Famous in rapping? that is what you do but what you are, is what you were on stage disrespecting Taylor Swift.  Let us hear what our Guest Blogger Angelique has to say…

“Sunday night at the MTV Video Music Awards, Kanye West once again showed why he’s rapidly turning into a has-been. In a moment that some say was staged, West interrupted the acceptance speech of young singer Taylor Swift, took the mike from her, and opined that Beyonce should have won the category rather than Swift. He left Swift dumbfounded on the stage, while Beyonce sat in the audience, clearly incredulous at West’s behavior…” 

(Image from Couture in the City)

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