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Talking about Barbie that goes tribal and hot, well she is quite ambitious that she joined the Barbie Beauty Pageant and she is not just a traditional tribal Pinay Barbie anymore.  She is now Barbie Ms. Philippines!

From last year’s pageant of Ms. Unibarse (Barbie version of Ms. Universe).  Yes, Barbie goes not only tribal but also global!  2008 Ms. Philippines Barbie was ranked no.4 from Top 25 for 2008 Ms. Unibarse competition which means, Third Runner Up! Wahoo!

It seems like that Ms. Philippines went down a notch spot from Third Runner Up last 2008 to the Fourth Runner Up spot for 2009, still consistently on the ranking is amazing!

Top 25 Ms. Unibarse 2008

1. Dominican Republic

2. China
3. South Africa
4. Philippines
5. Indonesia
6. Kenya
7. Ethiopia
8. Montenegro
9. Zambia
10. United State
11. Afghanistan
12. Australia
13. Brazil
14. Puerto Rico
15. Iran
16. Mozambique
17. Venezuela
18. Sri Lanka
19. Guam
20 Colombia
21. Greece
22. Canada
23. Seychelles
24. Nepal
25. Spain

Now, the competition for 2009 Ms. Unibarse has started I am campaigning for Ms. Philippines! Although the first batch of voting is over, we don’t know how they will continue voting when the photos for the new winner shows up that they already have a winner for 2009 Ms.Unibarse.

Holding on with the Ms. Unibarse crown from last year is Ms. Domenican Republic, here’s the rundown of 2009 winners according to the photos…

  • Ms. Domenican Republic – 2009 Ms. Unibarse
  • Ms. Montenegro – First Runner Up
  • Ms. Afghanistan – Second Runner Up
  • Ms.(I can’t read the sash) – Third Runner Up
  • Ms. Philippines – Fourth Runner Up
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