Mount Banahaw

Who would have known that the highest mountain in the Philippines, Mount Banahaw can be seen from Lucena?  Yes, locals have told me that the mountain visible at the back beaches I have explored the other day is the ever famous Mount Banahaw, the 15th to the highest mountain in the country.

Holy Water of Mount Banahaw

I remember in Elementary School what we were told, that waters from that mountain is sopure that you can even drink straight from it.  As to my surprise swimming pool resorts around the area are using water straight from Mount Banahaw which I have tried yet too cold for me to swim.  No traces of Chlorine or anything.  Unlike the hot springs of Laguna, which the resorts were boasting the clear waters were stunning and purely no touch of chlorination at all.  Only, when it’s not Summer hot, you can even dip in due to the cold water temperature.

For some reason, they call it “Holy Water” because it is believed that the waters coming from the mountain is healing, curing, and therapeutic.  How’s that?  Everything to the people’s advantage, it’s sacredness and beauty brings positive things to people around it.

People from all over the world would pay a lot to see these scenarios, views of natural beauty, and yet I got to see them all for free (except the transporatation by the way).  I mean, free of entrance payment most resorts would collect etc etc…

Benefits of Nature

You could even have free food if you want, all you need to do is catch them.  Fishes and crustaceans are everywhere (crabs, snails, clams, etc.), or ask a neighbor for a vegetable or two, even herbs are everywhere.  You just have to find the right place to go.

Wonders of Mount Banahaw

Aside from being so popular to the mountaineers, Mount Banahaw is said to be one of the active volcanoes in the country.  This answered my question where the heck the beautiful smoke that covers the tip of the mountain comes from?  The picture reminds me the famous image of Mount Fiji. Wonderful scene the sacred Mount Banahaw gave me last week is incomparable.

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