What is the Most in Demand Make-Up in The World?  Some people think it’s mascara, some people think it’s the blush on.  Yet, majority of women and men too said that they can’t live a day without the lip gloss.  I, myself can’t last a day without a lip gloss glided on my lips or petroleum jelly at least whenever I ran out of lip gloss.

Make Up in Demand

Most people use it as a tool, from saving them from chappy lips brought by a cold weather or maybe their dry body chemistry.  Nowadays, the cosmetic world has progressed to answer and develop the simple lip gloss to a better version.

Lip Gloss Enhanced

There are now different colored lip gloss, shinier version, and the now booming ‘plumping lip gloss’.  Yes, it is develop to enhance the simple tool become a flexible lip gloss.  Answer the needs for chappy lips, enhancing face color as a make up, and the trend to get the “Angelina Jolie’s Gorgeous Pout”.  Using plumping lip gloss which consists of micro-irritants to make the pouting effect just like Angelina Jolie’s lips.

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