News struck me this morning to read from a link shared by a friend on a social networking site, a photo of Manila roads, specifically in Taft Avenue where heavy traffic is way beyond controllable.  Yet, we were wrong to think that it is impossible not to change what is crazy, chaotic, polluted Manila to a more travel friendly place.  What am I talking about?

Despite a comment on a post I recently received blogging about  Manila and how I find Fort Santiago, boring.  I thought, it’s my opinion and we are not all the same and in my case, I’m more of a beach bum than a history buff.  We are all individuals, and as a blogger, I always want to speak my mind with no intention of offending or hurting people.  It was an honest opinion.

I grew up in Manila and after few years of spending time in Italy, I came back with amazing memories in tact but I was horrified with the pollution that I could not breathe.  Even worse when I started backpacking and people I met asks me questions about the Philippines and where I’m from, Manila.  Too bad, I have nothing I can be proud of in Manila back then, honestly, backpacking other countries and seeing how beautiful they have, I can just skip telling them about Manila and tell them about our jewel islands.  I even wrote a post “Why Backpackers Skip Philippines?”  and a post to get our Manila City Leaders to pay attention on what reasons why we can’t harbor more tourists in our city especially when this is the first stop of bunch of travelers wanting to see what we can offer.

Now, I have good news for all you Manileños wherever you are.  Our beloved city has acted to make us a proud citizens of the city.  Here’s why:

  • Less heavy traffic
  • Less polluted Manila streets (specially along Taft Avenue)

You wonder why?  Our Manila City Leaders have implemented bus ban in the area, making it very peaceful and accessible streets.  Watch the video here.

Now here are my reasons for you travelers out there why you should check out Manila:

  • From our country’s 21-day free visa, it is now extended for 30 days!  Yes, for 151 countries who wished to travel the country.
  • Better Manila ambiance.
  • Less chaos, less travel delays, heavy traffic.
  • If Manila is that accessible, there should be no stopping travelers to see museums, national parks,  party places, and hang outs!

I’m even excited to see for myself how did it change Manila, I always long for this, that one day I can market Manila as a travel destination.  I think travel businesses in Manila should act to help as well, we have a lot to do and if they have started something really good then we should continue working on it for improvements.

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