(Weaving apparatus)

After a good run around the Crocodile Park, I went to the Tribu K’Mindanawan.  Here, you get to know more about the culture and heritage of Davao.  It exhibits different houses, way of living of the different tribes of Davao during the early period.

I learned that during those times, different houses were built differently according to the lifestyle or status of the person.  Chieftain’s house was different from a peasant’s house structure.  Tribu means tribe, and roaming around tribu I saw more than 20 native houses exhibited at that park.

(Davao’s Traditional Houses)

Each house have photos of how they have lived, their clothes, as well as their native furnitures displayed at the entrance of each house.  The staff, just like the Crocodile Farm and Zip City’s are very welcoming and friendly.  The guard Gillier, told me they have Tarsiers (it used to be distinct and could only be found in the Philippines, but now, other Southeast Asian countries have them) there, I saw the cage but I couldn’t get to see the tarsiers because there were lots of plants in the cage and probably the tarsiers were hiding to rest.  Tribu also has free cultural shows on weekends, Friday, Saturday, and Sundays.

(Davao’s handicrafts)

Aside from how their houses, Davao’s craftsmanship were displayed too. Weaving apparatus, products, and wooden pieces were showcased everywhere.  I love the modern craftsmanship I saw there, it was how they recycled huge old tires into chairs and tables.  They look great!  I love that it looked amazing and the idea could help the environment so much.

(I guess you know what are these…)

Butterfly House

After, visiting Tribu K’Mindanawan I was planning to go back to the dorm since I am not sure if I would have to pay an entrance fee for the Butterfly House because Vergel left and I had only free pass for Crocodile Farm, I thought.  One guy approached me if I have been to the Butterfly House, I said no.  I was talking to the guard then who asked me if I was the one who entered on a free pass earlier, I told Roel, the guy who was asking if I’ve been to the Butterfly House that I don’t have a ticket to the Butterfly House.  The guard told me, “Well I can call the guards there and tell them you’re on a free pass so you can enter there for free too!”.  I was like, “Really?” and he stamped my wrist to get a free pass to the Butterfly House! Unexpected.

(Dominic’s convincing me to hold the scorpion)

(They succeeded convincing me!)

Roel and I went there, I found out that Roel was a former employee at the park and when we got to the Butterfly House he introduced me to the staff there.  There I met Jason, Michael, Randy, and Dominic.  They were all funny and accommodating explaining how butterflies live and all.

Fear Factor Moment

Jason was the one who was carrying a scorpion on his hand and asking me to try and hold it myself.  It took few minutes of convincing before I was able to find my guts to try it.  Everyone tried to convince me, but after few minutes, I did!  My camera died around that time, and Dominic carrying a better camera volunteered to take photos of me and will tag me on Facebook (true to his promise, he did).

(Cheeky Roel while I’m posing for a shot)

He took photos of me on every possible photo opportunity we can see, holding a scorpion, around the Butterfly House, at the Airsoft Battlefield area, etc.  They were even giving me a free pass for the Air Soft and Zorv & Waterball  to try, if only I didn’t have Net waiting for me at 5pm that day. It was 4:30PM when I left there, I was late for the 5PM meet up with Net.  Took a motorbike (Php25) to Phoenix Road and a jeep (Php8) back to our area.

(Me, Net, and Seng trying out ‘Pastil’ and street barbeques)

Although the day didn’t stop there,  I would just put here on this post what happened next. I was an hour late for the 5PM meet up with Net and texting Seng, one of my roommate as she invites me to have a dinner with her that night, instead I invited her over to join me and Net for trying the Cotabato’s specialty ‘Pastil’Pastil is just rice with Adobo-like toppings that is usually paired with your choice of barbeques.

(My fave spot at the People’s Park)

Trying Out ‘Pastil’

At 6PM, Net picked me up at our lobby while Seng said she’s on her way to the hostel, we met her just outside the hostel, just in time.  We went and tried Pastil, it was nothing special or any different from a Liver Adobo topped on your plain rice.  We ordered few sticks of local street barbeques, we had 4 pork meat barbeques, 2 chicken liver, and 2 chicken intestines each and shared a 1.5L of Coke. I paid Php62 (around $1.50USD).  I could say this can be included at the not so good food list, but its a good try.

(Checking out durians)

Durian Marathon After a Walk

We went for a walk around People’s Park and it was a nice hang out at night.  The park is well maintained having the staff checks every visitor if they have ciggies or food in their bags, if they have they will confiscate it and you will have to get it on your way out.  I love the man-made waterfall area so relaxing for me.  The two decided to eat Durians and trying their best to convince me eat it.  It’s funny how Seng ate 4 big durians, classic!  They have different varieties of durians that I didn’t bother knowing because I don’t eat it anyway. I tried the first durian they opened, I had a pinch and I didn’t like it.  It tasted strange for a fruit, tasted like a cup noodles! Savory fruit.  I heard my cousin’s friend described it as a fruit that tasted like mayo with onions!  I wasn’t hallucinating, she agreed to my judgement, strange fruit.

(Seng and Net choosing songs to belt out)

Sang Our Hearts Out

Walking back to the hostel, we passed by a videoke bar that’s advertising “Php100/hour” ($2USD) and it doesn’t matter how many you are that can fit the room, so we thought we could spend a good hour there.  Sang our hearts out, had few drinks and then we went back to the hostel since Seng and I will be diving early morning the next day we have to end the day a little early (it was midnight, by the way).

In front of the hostel, we waited until Net got a tricycle ride back to their place before we went up to our room and crashed.


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