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To all the moms in the world this post is for them.  Despite the everyday chaos from our home and work, mommies always try to deliver their best they can to give their family a loving and caring home.

From preparing our clothes everyday since we were kids, food on the table, running errands, making sure we her kids and her husband are safe they deserve a little pamper.  So do they have any fashion sense from all the work she has to accomplish everyday?

Well, yeah! My mom has and still have! hahaha!  Even upto now she that she’s widowed and the sole provider since I was in highschool her fashion never fails.  Why not? All moms should make time to make themselves look fresh and great!  Service to her family, she must do it on herself first, do you guys agree?


(My Mom!)

Mommy Fashion Tips: “Style Fit For You & Your Budget

I know as a mom budget is the number one goal to make ends meet for the family, and then style.  Here are tips for the mommies how to style without worrying the budget.

  • Stretchables. These are very handy for moms as they are always on the run.  Comfort should always be priority to ease your moves.
  • Long Shirts. This is always a good item to have as many moms rarely wear dresses when they are busy, this gives the dressy effect without being uncomfortable.  Matching it with leggings or slacks will be awesome!
  • Simple. Simplicity is always the policy.  The simpler it is, the cheaper it is too!  I know you’re thinking its gonna be too blend for a fashion style.  But a little add ons will help you enhance the style, plus the flexibility of a simple piece to get easily matched with other clothes.
  • Accessories. You don’t need dangling earrings, or anything that would make you uncomfortable.  All you need is to accessorize a little, like a stylish belt, cowboy hat, great boots, great sunglasses, watch, or a handbag.  Just one of these will do the trick , they are all accessories. Add a little to your simple style and make yourself stylish.
  • Colors. Color combination is also one eye-catching and very appealing strategy to get a good fashion sense.  Make sure you don’t over do bright colors, just learn to mix and match.
  • Make Up. Simple make up works, and need less time to wear.  Still it’ll give you a fresher look and make yourself feel good seeing yourself look good!

So mommies, don’t just make yourself a self made household maid, but attending to your responsibilities is not an excuse not to look great!  Don’t devalue yourself, be always beautiful!

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One thought on “Moms Have Fashion Sense Too

  1. Love it! As a mom of a two year old that still wants to look and feel great, I can testify to the need for creative dressing. I love simple long, flowing skirts to dress up a practical shirt!

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