Sure, most of us girls are still dreaming for a fairytale to happen in our real lives, aren’t you?  It sometimes still comes true, well, for those who really believes in it.  I know, Cinderella wore glass shoes, and I think the modern day Cinderella still wears one, but…


Modern Day Cinderella...Rugged?

Yes! Golden shoes…gold rubber shoes!  Have you ever thought Cinderella would love wearing it?  Imagine Cinderella went to the modern day city, she will look terribly out of place if she won’t upgrade her style.  So, definitely, to cope up with time and her so called signature shoes, she will be wearing golden shoes, or silver, or transparent, plastic glass-like shoes or slippers.  Yet, a modern day cool Cinderella will wear it, I bet ya!

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3 thoughts on “Modern Day Cinderella…Rugged?

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