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I didn’t know Metallic Fashion is back until I notice, that it has started dominating the fashion industry.  Although, it began from the popularity of Liquid Leggings (wet look leggings) from the Runway Fall 2009, and now it ‘s shifting to metallic as a different variation of the look, not to mention the undying leather for leggings. 😀

Metallic Fashion Leggings, Wet look leggings, Liquid Leggings

  1. Sequin Top – $18.99
  2. Gold Liquid Leggings – $19.99
  3. Studded Platforms – $29.99
  4. Two-tone Studded Satchel – $19.99
  5. Leaf Charm Earrings – $4.00
  6. Metallic Paisley Scarf – $9.99
  7. Burnished Metal Bangles – $4.00
  8. Splatter Paint Bangle – $4.00

(Fashion items in the spread above are Charlotte Russe’s)

Which is now, as we all can see, emerging to take up some space for this year’s trend.  From gold leggings that is spreading out virally from pairing it with the BLUE trend, which looks great for some reason that I wouldn’t even thought it would be! 😮

Now from metallic colors like gold and silver, the demand for different designs are coming out to suit different personalities and style.  Blue  and violet metallics, designed metallics or bronze, there are a lot more coming out.

Variants of Metallic Leggings

(eModa’s Designed Bronze Leggings – $65, &Violet Metallic Leggings – $45)

The firts photo and the two just above were eModa’s fashion, click the exclusive fashion banner to buy the items.

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