Men's Hottest Hairstyle for 2009


After a round down for Hairstyle Trends for Women 2009, Men’s Hottest Hairstyle is here. I’ve collected few Celebrity Hairstyles to be a guide for the trendy Men’s Hottest Hairstyle.

Men’s Hottest Hairstyle: COOL SHORT-HAIR

These Short Hair Cut for men are cool for work or school, having clean cut hairstyle like this will also emphasize your facial features, taking the hair off your face is hunky and cool.  Best Look for Summer and to flaunt your blue eyes, tan, or anything that is absolutely gorgeous on your face that deserves to be exposed and shared. Wear it with style, use styling gel or hair polish to style it whatever you want.

Men's Hottest Hairstyle for 2009

Men’s Hottest Hairstyle: LONG HAIR

Long Hairstyle for Men is really tricky. Maintenance is high and there are possible downfall for this haircut such as hair damage, split ends, dryness, and it may cause you pimples on your face if you’re not hygienic enough to take them off your face. Yet, if you manage to pull it off and it suits you, you will be as hunky and good looking as Mr. Beckham, it doesn’t suits everyone though.

Men's Hottest Hairstyle for 2009

Men’s Hottest Hairstyle: FAUX HAWK HAIRSTYLE

Faux Hawk Hairstyle is most common in Europe. Some are going to the edgy look of real Faux Hawk and others just do the Faux Hawk trick by using styling gel and making it look like a real Faux Hawk Haircut. This is a sporty and punk-y look for men, more popular to young guys and sporty men, specially guys who are into soccer game. I don’t know why, but they seem to love that. The look exudes character and personality, and often just suits guys who appears to be strong, fit, and sporty.

Here are some other Faux Hawk Hairstyle below, some are real and some were just made to like like a Faux Hawk Haircut, still Faux Hawk Hairstyle.

Men's Hottest Hairstyle for 2009


The Layered Hairstyle or Fringed Hairstyle is the trendiest to the younger generations. They look more stylish and flexible for any look or occasion. Most commonly seen on young celebrities, artists, and band members.

Men's Hottest Hairstyle for 2009

Of all the featured Men’s Hottest Hairstyle, this is my favorite and then next is the Short Haircut which is really cool and awesome looking. Easy styling with the help of styling gel or Hair Polish.


Men’s Hottest Hairstyle: MILLIMETER HAIRCUT

Men's Hottest Hairstyle for 2009

 This is your Tough Boy’s Haircut, the Millimeter Haircut. The easiest hairstyle to maintain, in fact, zero-maintenance hairstyle. It suits every occasion and style too, but this suits only for those with great head shape and scalp.

Men’s Hottest Hairstyle: FORMAL HAIRCUT

Men's Hottest Hairstyle for 2009

Formal Haircut is best with everything, it could be styled to whatever you like when you’re off Formal events. Yet, when you’re on Formal Events, having Formal Haircut is very appropriate to look good and presentable. This is the Boy Next-Door Haircut I suppose. Looking good and casual.


Men’s Hottest Hairstyle: AFRO

Men's Hottest Hairstyle for 2009

Afro Haircuts and Styles comes in different varieties like real Afro-Look, Afro Braids, etc… The Afros are high maintenance hairstyle, but it’s really cool when it suits you and manage to pull it off on you. Very stylish, and personality wise, “If you’re ain’t no black and you can pull this hairstyle off, then you ain’t gonna get nothin’ but respect!”…cool.

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11 thoughts on “Men’s Hottest Hairstyle

  1. i am in a problem. i have no idea that which type of hair style will be better for me. i like short hairs.
    which hair style will suite according to my face.

    1. Hello Harpreet, I will write about a post to answer your question. Watch out for the new posts then! Also, Thanks for asking and I appreciate that you read and like my blog. 🙂

  2. i am in a problem. i have no idea that which type of hair style will be better for me. i like short hairs.
    which hair style will suite according to my face and my health
    best regards

  3. I like afro styles a lot.

    I have afro cornrows and i’m very glad for my haircut.
    I pay 20$ every month to braid my hair. It’s
    cheapеr compared to the scissoring

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    my comment didn’t display up. Grrrr … well I am definitely not creating all that over once more. No matter, just desired to state superb blog!

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