menshaircutIt’s funny how we find Hairstyling or cutting really serious, pretty fair that we all want to look great, right?

Conscious of how it would look like in the end, but fear not.  Men’s Hairstyling and Haircutting isn’t that complicated, I had my first experience to cut my man’s hair.  It wasn’t hard as I thought, what makes it difficult is that I was nervous.  In the end, it just look great!

Think about it (I did!), my mom thought me that she’s got a good hand in haircutting.  I never knew that until she told me, she said she took a class when she was younger, and she gave me a tip.  She said,  Barbershops make more money because men cut their hair more often than girls.

It doesn’t matter to me then because I don’t know how to cut other people’s hair anyway.  Then I had a chance, and maybe I got that skill from mom.  Anyways, you want to be smart this time? Now here’s Men’s Home-Made Hairstyle from Their Girl how-to video to teach the newbies like me, too bad I saw this after my first haircutting moment! haha!

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