After a few months of being busy and overwhelmed writing about women’s fashion, I forgot about the men’s fashion trends for 2009.  Now, I realized it’s unfair not to write about men’s fashion trends as they too would love to know what’s the trend for them this year.

Men's Fashion Trends for 2009:MICHAEL BASTIANMen's Fashion Trends for 2009:ICEBERG

(L-R: Iceberg’s Protest Prep and Michael Bastian’s Major Mufflers)

Men nowadays are keen about how they look, they are really interested to improving themselves and making them look good.  Men tends to look up what’s in it for fashion, hairstyle, and other tips for looking good.  In my opinion, they are quite more fuzzy than women though (on how they  I can say some men are now vain which is cool, you see them now in salons, spas, and gyms…well, that’s their kingdom, gyms! haha! but salons are ours but not anymore…Everyone is equal now. 😀

Stop joking around now, here are the Men’s Fashion Trends for 2009…you guys can start updating your style and wardrobe after reading this!

Men’s Fashion Trends for 2009


CKfall09As we all know now that BLUE is the HUE this year, it goes with men too…BROWN as well as ORANGE is the latest color trend for men specially this Fall 2009.  Pink is still in for men, but it’s a risk wearing pinks for men as their masculinity might be questioned.  The trick is neutralize the color with manly colors such as beige, gray, and black.

For some strange reason, Blue mix well with Brown.  Black is an all time color everyone that’s into fashion already knows.


Aside from all-time men’s accessory neckties, SCARVES is the coolest way to style the year.  You know that the fabrics varies on the season.  Wool and knitted for Winter and Fall, and silk is cool for warmer climate like Spring and Summer.

NAUTICAL CAPS and John Lennon Frames/ David Hockney Inspired Eyewears.


SHORT and LONG Style is wearing a dress shirt with a tie and covering up with a jacket is great this year.  HOODIES are one of the best casual trend that is really flexible in men’s fashion.  Blazers with hoodies or pull over  hoodies is a must have.

Men's Fashion Trends for 2009:TROVATAMen's Fashion Trends for 2009:LANVIN

(L-R: Trovata’s Duffel Time, Lanvin’s Quilt)

PROTEST PREP Styles shows how casual and simply protesting to the fashion rules, yet it looks good.  Masculine look for protesting from all the fashion rules that makes it a powerful men’s outfit.

QUILTS are in for men too.  Although, big bulky quilts aren’t that stylish you might want to look up for a normal quilts that will suit your style.

TROUSERS. Trousers for men are not easy to wear, it takes real style and fashion to pull it off.  Runway models can always pull it together because of their attitude, they know they are wearing style!

Men's Fashion Trends for 2009:JUNYA WATANABEMen's Fashion Trends for 2009:ALLESANDRO DELL'ACQUA

(L-R: Junya Watanabe’s Code Orange, Allesandro Dell’Acqua’s Short and Long Style, both in Trousers/Folded Hem)

Trousers and black long socks (you can wear black printed socks as long as you know how to make it look good on you, don’t end up crashing!), or folded hemlines can be used as an improvised trousers if you still don’t have one, it will do the trick.

SILK PANTS are in for men’s fashion trend too.  Whether trousers or not, silk always look good.

COATS are one of the all-time fashion item.  It never goes out of fashion, the thing that make it more fashionable will be it’s style (military, button,etc.) and color…brown and black are always in fashion.  Coats are great with scarves by the way.

There are the few bits in Men’s Fashion Trends for 2009, sneakers and deck shoes are for your footwear.  I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post, and you can start updating your wardrobe now! 🙂

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    1. Hey Amy, thanks for dropping by and I’m glad you’re enjying my blog! You can subscribe by email or RSS feeds so you won’t miss fashion, beauty, shopping tips and updates! Ciao!

  2. i guess men’s accessories will look good to the dress of your choice. once in a wedding i attend, i got confuse on the accessories to wear so i got the cuff links borrow from a friend. i am happy no one notice the design of the cufflinks, i accidentaly wear the male organ design one as my accessory. hahaha

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