As my coutorture community pinged me about Japan’s Fashion Week in New Year 2009, I chose to feature the minority of the fashion show. Men’s Fashion. I got tiny dinosaur and Satoru Tanaka, well, they are the two who only featured men’s clothes once atleast.

Men’s Fashion on Japan’s Fashion Week

Men's Fashion on Japan's Fashion Week

tiny dinosaur

The simplicity of tiny dinosaur’s work of just plain green and white shows its natural casual look. While, Satoru Tanaka’s the rugged casual look.  Both used natural colors, matched that exudes unique strong casual outfit for men.

Men's Fashion on Japan's Fashion Week

Satoru Tanaka

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  1. i love the lacoste spring 2009 collection!!! where else can i find the complete gallery of the entire collection? please advise. thank you! XOXO

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