(Duomo di Milano)

After the adventures in crusing Mediterrenean, I had to experience another European adventure  in Italy, particularly Milan.  So, let me show you a little bit around my second home.

Milan is known as “Fashion Capital of The World”, home to the famous designers such as Gucci, Versace, Ferragamo, Dolce & Gabbana, Cavalli, Armani, and countless names in the industry. Not only that, Italy by itself is an epitome of class and details. Architecture is another field where Italians excel, let alone Venice’s geographical location and characteristics charm you with its romantic ambiance, or enjoy every meal with finest Italian food and aromatic vintage wines for its living proof, Italy proved a lot of excellence in what they love most.

(Plaza di Duomo; Duomo Cathedral stands at the left, not included in the photo)

Shopping is what most tourists go to Milan for (Japanese are the ultimate shoppers ever, they pay strangers to shop for them when they reach their limit in shopping in a store).

Best bargains are in store  July and February, marking prices down to 50-70% off the real price, surely you’ll see me there one of the first buyers in my favorite stores back then (2004-2007). Aside from shopping, you can visit Duomo di Milano, Sant’ Ambrogio Basilica, Acquario Civico di Milano, Castello Sforzesco, Teatro alla Scala, and a lot more to see in this soulful city (check other places to see in Milan HERE).  Most places are free admission but there are some minimal fees in museums for their maintenance and security.

It’s easy to get around Milan by bus, subways that they call ‘metro’, and trams.  Some vintage trams are preserved for the culture but they are not last to adapt nmoder trams.  All stations are carefully labelled in English and Italian that can be easily understood by anyone.  Although, Italians are really nice to help you with directions if you need one.

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