Why limit your fashion sense when you’re pregnant? Most women unattractive when they’re pregnant, just because your body is changing doesn’t mean you are less beautiful.  I have talked to different women who have been pregnant and even notice a lot of pregnant women who stopped trying to look good when their belly starts to grow big.

Maternity Fashion: Don’t Limit Fashion When You’re Pregnant

I know there are reasons why this happens:

  • Hormones. Women’s hormones change when they are pregnant and become extremely emotional affecting how they deal with daily life and feeling inferior their own look.
  • Changes.  Body changes when a woman gets pregnant and by that comes with frustration, for some who works out in the gym to get a great looking body, that could be pretty much a kick or a challenge for what they have worked hard for.
  • Confusion.  Together with the above mentioned reasons, women gets confused and panic on what to do to avoid their fears.  Fear of not looking great, fear of the changes, fear of inferior health, fear of dealing with their appetite and energy, even fear that their partner’s infdelity because of their physical changes.
  • Limited physical exertion.  Because you are also carrying your baby in you, become extra careful and trying to do less tiring activities.  It’s not that you can still surf when you’re pregnant or horse back riding, even rock climbing on those 9 months of your life, but it’s not end of the world.
  • Limited fashion.  Maternity clothes that look so fashionable and hip is hard to find to compensate the feeling of unattractiveness while you have a protruding belly.

It seems scary especially if you are carrying not just your life but another’s in your stomach.  However that should not stop women from looking good, you wonder how after all those I just mentioned.


(Pregnant clebrities in fashion; L-R: Giselle Bundchen, Beyonce, Kate Hudson, Kourtney)

Don’t make being pregnant stop you from looking great, here are my tips how to stay in fashion, look good, and feel good during pregnancy.

Break The Fashion Block.  Do not limit your self checking out clothes at the maternity section only. Be creative and think outside the box.  You can mix and match clothes that are loose and stretchable even if it’s not at the maternity clothing section.  Yet, always make sure you are comfortable.

Dresses.  Your old dresses can work as your maternity blouse, pair it with a soft, cotton, stretchable leggings will give you a great look.

Accessorize.  Don’t be afraid to accessorize, although you should be more cautious of choosing hypoallergenic accessories, it’s great to look glamorous even in the simplest way.

Use colors.  Yes, be bold in choosing happy colors on your clothing, colors have psychological effect in our mood.  Choosing bright colors will help you uplift your mood and easier to forget about your hormones and a kicking human in your womb.  You’ll be both a happy being with your happy colors.

Use Make-up.  It’s not that you have to stop using make-up but being more cautious with what you put on to your skin that may affect the baby too.  Use organic products or home-made ‘organic’ ones.  Putting on make up is enhancing your beauty and not ruining it, so a touch of lip gloss, pinkish cheeks  and clear skin skin is all you need to have a refreshing look.

Also, healthy diet helps a lot to improve how you look.  Healthy food will give you healthy looking skin, and put you in a better mood.  We’ll be glad to hear it from you experts out there if you have more to share.

Do you have other fashion tips for pregnant women?

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