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Manila, Manilla…

Abaca CoutureManila Hemp is also called Manilla (Manila Paper, Manila Envelopes are native to the Philippines too as it’s made out of Abaca as well), which native name is Abaca.

Abaca fibers is widely known as Manilla or Manila Hemp is known to be the strongest fiber existing.  It is made of Abaca leafheath which physically appears beneath the bark of banana tree.

The brownish, ivory white, light brownish dried peeling bark of the tree, which is caused by the warm, humid climate, and highly fertile volcanic soil.

Earlier Times Clothing in the Philippines

It is widely used in the Philippines during the earlier times.  Ferdinand Magellan (Spanish Leader during Colonization Period) noted when they arrived to the Philippines in 1521, that “natives are wearing a common clothes made from weaved fibers of Abaca.

Natural and Organic Resources are abundant in the Philippines, and so we export products to meet other countries’ demand for organic products they use in manufacturing products like natural beauty products, organic clothing such as pineapple and bamboo clothing.

Manila Hemp Couture

Abaca Fashion on the Runway!

Mother Earth is calling for help to save from Global Warming.  All living beings are responsible to act and help mother earth to recover as we are all inhabitants of this planet.  We were the ones who let this things happen.  Now, that fashion is doing its part to act upon the calling, Manila Hemp is Now on The Organic Runway!!!

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4 thoughts on “Manila Hemp is Now on The Organic Runway

  1. hi!! i’m really glad i found your posts re: organic fabrics from the Philippines. I live in Manila and am actually very interested in purchasing such fabrics for a clothing line that my friends and i are planning to start with the hopes of encouraging Filipinas to incorporate the green lifestyle. do you know where i can find these fabrics here in the Philippines? i’d really appreciate your help. thanks so much!

    1. That’s a great idea! All I know is that there is an organic fashion exhibit somewhere in Retiro. Although, I don’t know if you can get fabric supplies from them but atleast they might help you get in touch with organic fabric resources. I don’t know the exact address either. Good luck to your future business by the way!

  2. wow! really? would you know when the exhibit is? or maybe the name of the event? i bet they would have information on suppliers and stuff. thanks so much!! we really want to make living green affordable, accessible, and significant to Filipinos. we’re really excited about it!

    1. I think it is an ongoing exhibit. Nah, I don’t have any clue of the names of the event and stuff…try searching here online. I saw that announcement if not on flickrphotos, it is on photo bucket…. 🙂

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