Lately, I have been thinking of what to write on this blog.  When I put up this blog, I have no idea what niche I would begin it with,  I thought of fashion, beauty, food, traveling, music, or everything that interests me which is why I ended up putting my name as its domain.

Then, I settled for fashion since I love dressing up and taking care of myself I wrote mostly about it, latest fashion trends, fashion week all over the world, designers, models, and celebrity get-ups.  Now that I am traveling, my interest in fashion is still there, although I must admit I am more laid back, ethnic, Boho style right now than the previous trendy chic I was.  I found my passion and that is, traveling.

It took me awhile to find out that going here, there, and everywhere solo makes me happy.  Although I found my path now, where I don’t know where its heading I am simply happy and ecstatic doing what I am doing right now.  I honestly don’t care of what people say, how they judge my way of living now, how I don’t want to stay at one place or keep a job for so long, or being single for almost 3 years now.  I only had one boyfriend when I was 26(you prolly wonder why late, that’s another story), he was my first and people think my one true love, but he’s honestly not my one true love (I thought he was too).  Now that I’m single, I realized that he’s not and I have yet to find that person or he have yet to find me. For the record, I have never been this happy in my life before.

So, what am I saying about this blog?  What I’m saying is that this blog will be more personal, like a journal.  Since this is on my name, might as well keep it as my own personal thing.  My thoughts and everyday life on the road, in my head, it will be all shared here.  I will make sure you’ll enjoy the new ride, keep reading my blog, okay?

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