Making Filipino Lives BetterMaking Filipino lives better isn’t that hard.  Well, self motivation is one big factor and with a help from the government will truly make citizens of the Philippines live better.  I am talking about money making online.  I have encountered several difficulties just to establish a good money earner machine through this blog.  From using affiliate programs and tools such as PayPerPost, Pepperjam, and Shopstyle.

Online Opportunities for Filipinos, Where is it?

Those are just some of the companies that I’d love to use and will help a blogger like me earn money through commissions just referring clicks by writing a post or advertising them through my blog.  Unfortunately, most companies do not accept residents from the Philippines to earn as much as the US residents or from any other Western countries, whatever their reasons are they are not explaining to us, they’re just denying our application to be part of their program.

Philippine Banking System Could Help a Lot

Also, with a little help from the Philippine Banking Systems they could help us earn better.  I for example, cannot use my Philippine Debit Card for Paypal, which infact very secure to use in any online transactions.  Yet, I was advised that credit cards from the same bank will do, but unfortunately, I don’t use credit cards, only debit cards.  Which is unbelievably, no difference in transactions, only from credit cards I know the banks earn  more than from a debit card.

Philippine Government Needs to Understand How the Business Works

Isn’t the Government thought that it is unfair for Aspiring Filipino Online Money Makers can’t have the same opportunities the Western citizens can, even they are operating in the Philippines.  I am talking about the Business Process Outsourcing(BPO) Industry.  These Major Western Companies are making not just triple the amount they will make if they do the same business in the Philippines than in their own country.  They are doing a large scale online money making process as we, aspiring Filipino online money makers here.

Making Filipino Lives Better

BPO Blooming in the Philippines, Do you know Philippines can make it work for investors and small scale Filipino online money makers?

These Companies are paying a lower pay to their Filipino workers so they can process more online business, with all the opportunities they can have.  Yet we, small scale online Pinoy money makers are denied the opportunity to earn money just like them.  Why can’t we have the same opportunities?  Does the Government realize how the Business Process Outsourcing  really works globally?  Or they  are just lured by these Foreign BPO investors for a better pay (than the common Philippine pay) for the workers, yet jeopardizing their health and safety working graveyard shifts most of the time?

Making Filipino Lives Better

I hope Philippine Government would do something about it, that we could have agreements that can be equally beneficial to both investors and Filipino online money makers, just by opening the online opportunities on  money making for Filipinos.  We are one of the best online workers out there, we deserve equal opportunities as they have.

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7 thoughts on “Making Filipino Lives Better – Business Process Outsourcing Effects(BPO)

  1. I wish you would share some of your great writing about travel in here!!!!!! Or at least post your link(s) to some of your articles.

    How’s things going for you? I hope real good!!!!!! I loved your story about making money online in the Philippines. Thanks for all you write. I find myself coming in here once a week to catch up on your handi-work!!!

  2. Hello Barry,

    Thanks for visiting here once in a while…as well as your flattering compliments!

    Also, you can still read about my travel articles on
    the TRAVELLING category anytime…Please refer from the CATEGORY section at the right side of my page, if you wish to read more about my older posts. Thanks again Barry!

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