On The Road, I Received…

When I was just starting to travel solo on a shoestring budget, I always pushed myself to beat the budget and trying to figure out how to extend my trip with what I have just challenging myself how far I can go with it.  Surprisingly,  there were lots of generous souls out there who have volunteered to help me out.

People who opened their houses for me to stay in for free, some even cooked for me ad treat me like a part of their family.  Strangers that went out of their way not just to show me the way to where I need to go but paid my fare and walked me to the exact place I need to go so I’d be safe.  To my surprise, helpless people are the most helpful people I’ve met that they would would give all they have and even if it was worth nothing, it was worth more than any help I’ve ever received.

What Did My Lifestyle Made Me?

At that time, I began to start questioning my motivation on why I was doing doing this extreme budget travel trying to hold on to every penny I have just to extend my trip.  Do I just want to travel cheap? Or am I not noticing that I have been abusing the gift of receiving? Is backpacking made me selfish?

And Now, It’s Time to Pay It Forward.

Now that I realized what my previous lifestyle was making me, it is time for me to pay it forward and reverse the gift to giving.  Me with the help of my old friend, classmate, and neighbor are planning to roam around the streets of Manila and give homeless people with simple fruit (Apples, Oranges, and Bananas), water, and clothes.  Inspired by hundreds of YouTube videos on Pay It Forwad, Random Act of Kindness, and Make Homeless People Smile, me and a friend Mishale Aragoncillo will do the same outreach/social experiment to give back.


October 11, 2014 (Saturday) when we went roaming around for our homeless brothers and sisters in Manila to help them to have something to eat even just for a day.  Equipped with a meal, bananas, apple, bottled water, bread, and toiletries few volunteers endured the tropical heat carrying loads of the goodies to make the homeless people smile.  I would not be able to do this without the help of amazing people who opened their hearts to help out and efforts to make this possible.

Thank you to all our Friends, Sponsors and Volunteers!

“Because of you a few more people were smiling that day”

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