I started blogging (Professionally) not so long ago, 5 months actually and looking back blogging with the social networks I have joined made me think that’s a waste of time. That was 5 years ago, and to think I have wrote tons of posts and deleted that account for some absurd reason, geeez! Now, that I have started blogging on my own and realize the potential of earning money, I never want to go back! Also, what good thing about it, is that I’m gonna share Lyndsay’s 3 Tips to Monetizing Niche Blogs, yep, that’s me! 😉

You see, mine is a FASHION Blog and whatever niche you have, whether Art, Travel, Techies, Food, Cooking Blogs, name it. Everyone can make money from it, just take the Lyndsay’s Steps in Monetizing Niche Blogs and you will be ready for the ‘ching-ching!’, MONEY.

Lyndsay’s 3 Tips to Monetizing Niche Blogs

* Tip #1- Get Good Traffic. Well, traffic from Search Engines are the best, and traffic from related niche community will help a lot, because obviously they have the same interests as yours.

* Tip #2- Write Quality Posts. As the Google’s favorite saying, “Content is the King”, not only the Search Engines enjoy reading your posts when it’s in good quality, readers dig it too. Who doesn’t?

* Tip #3- Sign-Up for Affiliates RELATED TO YOUR NICHE! It doesn’t matter if you only have few, when it’s related to your niche people will click it. They are interested in your blog, and so they will be interested clicking your related Affiliate Ads, and swish! That’s a sure ‘chi-ching!’ there. 😀

There you go, you don not need to sign up for unrelated Affiliate Ads even if they give high commission, it won’t earn as much as the related ones dude! Anyways, I wish that Lyndsay’s 3 Tips to Monetizing Niche Blogs will help you to start counting your ‘chi-ching!’ 😉

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  1. Great post, I conceive blog owners should learn a lot from this site its very user pleasant. So much excellent info on here :D.

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