For some reason, I have traveled Southeast Asia twice with a luggage. You will think, what the heck?! But wait, before you react, let me justify the weirdness of my situation.  First time I did it was of course, my first time to ‘backpack’ without a backpack!  Just like any other first time travelers (although I have traveled abroad to work then), luggage is the easiest way to carry the smallest wardrobe I can bring.  I didn’t believe Timon’s reminder, as stubborn as I was, I brought my trolley with me.  It was easy gliding it through the airport, I thought but I wasn’t aware the nature of real backpacking then.

Until we started moving from one place to another, doing what most backpackers do, relax, stay, then move.  Same routine in almost a year and realized how stupid it was carrying that luggage with me, so we bought one 60L backpack and left my trolley.

Second time around, it was never a planned backpacking experience.  I left home to look for work in Singapore and found one.  Went back home to wait for the permit and back to Singapore for the result, it was rejected twice, so from there I thought… Since I’m already out of the country and travel tax going out of the Philippines for citizens cost a lot, might as well take advantage of it.  That is why, again… I was traveling with a luggage, and mostly work clothes!  Funny but I don’t get embarrassed with my situation going around with my trolley once again because I felt lucky traveling around.  One more thing was that I met new friends by that, inquiring how did I survive with tiny backpack and answering them, “Oh, this is not all I have, I have a luggage carried by that sweet Cambodian local on a big trolley!”.  Everyone starts laughing and so there, more people to talk to while on a 16 hour border crossing mission.

Here’s the deal why we should carry backpacks when backpacking (not only because its called backpacking);


…are easy to carry.  Moving all the time from one place to another requires a lot of walking, transferring transportation like buses, boats, motorbikes, etc.  Imagine how you can do that without a backpack (or imagine how I did that with my luggage!).

…adventure friendly.  What do I mean by that?  It has plastic protection that would save your things from getting wet when you’re camping, hiking, or even moving from one boat to another that luggage doesn’t have.

…you feel like you’re a real backpacker when you have one!

Although I do have a backpack then, it was so little to last me that 3 month trip (not even 2 weeks, I think). I will be using my tiny (they’re not really tiny, but it is compared to 60L Backpacks) on my next trips here in the Philippines except for the week long flash packing early next year.

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