Lukang Island

The Rocks of Lukang Island

Discovering Hidden Paradise: Isla Lukang

On my third day of vacation, my friend decided to bring me to an off-track beach they have there in Lucena.  They call it Isla Lukang (Eees-lah Loo-kang).  The adventure never stops in Lucena, adventure just keeps going and going.

There are several islands you can visit and discover, the untouched beaches hiring a boat. In our case, there was a typhoon “Juan” that eliminates the boating adventure due to its big waves and windy situation.

We went the alternate transportation, by land, using motorbikes.

The view by land is great as well. Although it took longer to get to the hidden beach we want to go to, the green mountains and the sun view against the water and the mountain is breath-taking, no kidding.

When we get to the area, we walked 5 minutes through the bushes and when I get to see the glimpse of purely blue water, I can’t understand how happy it felt to see them like a dream come true! No joke.

Kwebang Lampasan (Go Through Cave)

Living My Dream

It was like I’m in a post card, in a place where you thought you can only find in your dream at this present time. It was as if it is a luxury of my soul! No people around but us and the family that is taking care of the beach (but they are always up in the mountains, you don’t get to see them unless you yell out that you need them). Yep, I really mean yelling out, scream to the max before they appear. That is what we need to do when we were about to go.

Lukang Island

The coconut trees along the beach are perfect. The rocks in varying colours, white, black, brown, moldy… Touch of the grass on your feet also is undeniably a dreamlike experience.  The green grass is a Bermuda-grass like rich people pay too much to have them in their yard, but man! Those grass are way better than Bermuda grasses.

Kwebang Lampasan Up Close

The cave that we didn’t get to go in to because of the wild waves, the perfectly white pure and fine sand that does not hurt your feet at all (you’d rather want to dig your feet in while walking). The touch of the sand on your feet is something by itself. The look of the blue sea sparkling. All these are gifts of the Universe for free and I am lucky enough to find them as they are becoming rare and extinct.

3 Reasons Why Track Off-Track Places

Here are my 3 reasons why I would rather find off-track beaches and natural places…

Blue Sparkling Waters of Lukang

1)  The untracked places are solemn and peaceful.  Very relaxing.
2)  They are clean!  No garbage, beer bottles, etc everywhere.
3)  The beach is sparkling.  Trees are greener and lush.  The nature is not abused yet.

Well, those are my reasons, we are different species with different needs and wants.  It’s just either we both have same options or not.  Either way, we all have choices where to go.  So enjoy your adventure!

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4 thoughts on “Lucena’s Hidden Paradise

  1. [Translated from Tagalog]

    Hi…May I ask if you can share how to get to Isla Lukang please? And where can we stay there?… Hope you’ll reply to this… Thanks =D

    1. Hi Check,

      I went there last year with a friend and some locals. I get there riding the Wifi Bus to Lucena and got off SM Lucena (I forgot how much is the fare but it’s over 200 pesos). From there, my friend picked me up and rode a tricycle to their place. I do not know exactly how to get there because I wasn’t really backpacking and wasn’t into taking all the information that you could use to get there. All I remember is that, from their town (which I don’t remember the name), we took a motorcycle for an hour or more to there. It is really hidden and it is not open to public. You have to know someone that is a local there to get a pass. Then you have to trek for about 15-30 minutes to get to that Lukang Island. I hope I can help, but since its not open to public yet, I do not know how can I help.

  2. Kuwebang Lampas as well as Isla Lukang are located at Pagbilao, Quezon. It is the next town, east of Lucena City.

    1. Thanks for the share! we went the backdoor way… Secret way to do it from Lucena, I actually just found out from a friend that it was indeed Quezon Province already! Sweet Life!

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