Is the anyone of you who doesn’t know or not a fan of LOST? Geez, if you’re not yet a fan, you better be curious why the heck most people are into it.  It was three years ago when I saw LOST in Milan.  Yep, Italians are fan of it too.  I thought this looks like a great TV series, only I wasn’t a native Italian so everytime I’m watching it, I’m having headaches trying to translate Italian dubbing to language I can really understand.

LOST’s Dharma Initiative Orientation Video

Until just this month, when a friend asked me to watch LOST online from Season 1 upto Season 5 to where it is now, I got addicted.  Watching it upto 3am in the morning doing my own LOST marathon online!

Well, to all of you LOST fans out there, you know the Dharma Orientation video right? Yep, the video above!  And did you know that there’s Online Money Makers Orientation video out too? Tell me if its the same person who did the same Orientation video! Joke! Hahahaha! Peace John Chow!

Online Money Makers Orientation Video

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