Lose Weight for Valentine's Day

After the big bang celebration of New Year 2010, January came in and we have gained a little bit of weight from the yummy holiday treats!  Yes, yes, admit it or not the sweets, fat, and alcohol have gained us weight.  So the next thing we should be aware of is to lose weight for Valentine’s Day.

It is not necessarily mean for you to look good in looking good for someone special on that special lover’s day, it is for yourself.  Bonus for your someone special if you have one!  By the way, it is hitting two birds in one stone as Summer is coming after few months hey… You would not have to worry cramming to lose weight in 10 days to fit in your hottest swimsuit ever in your wardrobe.  So, take the step now!

It is not impossible to lose that holiday weight in 10 days, really! Cabbage Juice Diet will be the answer.  I think Cabbage will be your best friend in this problem that you can rely on rather than suffer from the downfall of the diet pills.

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One thought on “Lose Weight for Valentine’s Day

  1. Aww I just remembered that I need to lose weight before Valentines. Thanks for the early wake up call. Though I have been trying to lose weight ever since the new year sets in, this has definitely given me a new motivation.

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