I started building websites and graphic designing 2008, it was when T encouraged me to monetize my writing by putting up a blog.  Wasn’t so convinced then that blogging earns money but I still did it.  After three months of hard work, I got my first blog which is a fashion one visible on the search engines!


I was getting fashion week invitations all over the world (that of course, couldn’t all attend for a lot of reasons).  A year later my interest moved to writing about my backpacking travels and so this blog was born.  I even offered FREE Logo design once that became successful.  All my blogs and my mother’s catering website were all the products of my hard labor.  From web design, graphics, articles, SEO, and even photography were all my work.  I am a freelance graphic designer and all of the above mentioned at your service.

If you want to check out all of them, feel free to visit them at:

  • – TRAVEL

I have worked years in BPO industry handling Technical Support, Email Support, my sites could prove my skills in SEO, Keyword based article writing, logo design, web design, email marketing, scripting such as PHP, CSS, and e-Commerce.  Also, I am currently an English Teacher.

You can HIRE ME through the contact form by clicking the ‘contact me’button at the left side of this page and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

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