Mother’s Day is coming and we should be getting ourselves busy in getting our mothers a present for their day.  But before that, let me tell you how a mother and daughter is quite a roller coaster relationship too.  Yep, it’s just like other relationships on earth, it has ups and downs. At the end of the day, she is our mother who carry us 9 months in her womb risking her life just to give birth to us and experience what life has to offer.

(Mom and I)

Most mothers would always want to take care of their children whatever happens they will always be there for their kids.  That should be the case anyway, otherwise she could have just killed her child when its still helpless as a baby or fetus.

Well, my mom did her best for us, her kids, but we all know nobody is perfect.  Everyone makes mistakes, and that what makes us perfect.  In the end, no matter how hard we went through she is still there for us to support.  You know what?  Mothers are like that, maybe your mom isn’t showy on how much they care but they do, they are just too bad in showing or even telling you “I love you”, but they do.

My sister is a young mom too, she might not be a perfect mom according to the society, but she is perfect mom in her own way.  Her daughter is growing up with her and as cute as my niece is, she is really sweet and loving to her mom.  She’s always running to give her mom a kiss and say, “I love you” to her mom everytime she comes home from school and “Take Care” before taking off to school or hospital internship.

It’s not always perfect, there are laughs and cries…Well, that’s how it is most of the time…  And often, its like Mother, like daughter story in most of the situations.  So get yourself ready and find your mom a treat for Mother’s Day!

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