Liscense to Blog: Where is Democracy?

Recently, my cousin CJ Magpayo left me a message through Messenger that she read from a newspaper back in the Philippines that there’s an issue back there that, bloggers will be asked to register for a license to blog. So, I researched about the article and found the exact article she read online and found this…

“If the plan of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) gets approved and implemented, then all bloggers in the Philippines will need to register for a license.

This, of course, is not limited to bloggers but to anybody who creates content and publishes it online.”

Rom Feria, Manila Bulletin, Jan. 26, 2009 (“Do You Have a License to Blog?)

What was that? I also read that every blogger will be asked to pay Php 6,300 (roughly $150 USD) per year. What is wrong with them? Do they know that the servers are in US and some UK? Therefore, they will be under this law, if ever.

License to Blog: Where is Democracy?

What is this all about? just because of the Bambee Dela Paz Vs Pangandaman’s case? Where is the freedom of speech then? Why everything is a big deal when the simple answer for everything is just ignore it if it’s not true. Plus, the economy of the country started booming when the call center industry begun, and guess what? they are all online based companies. Well, most of the business now are online based.

This will just kill the economy if they don’t realize that one action after another affects each other. Php 6,300 a year? It’s more expensive than paying an annual payment for a Paid Hosting Company to start a blog! WT?!!! Trying to scream how naive they are in the Internet World. I hope NTC will study what are they trying to implement, do they really know?

This is not just happen in the Philippines, it happens to other countries as well before us like Malaysia, UK(even them, who got their own servers), US, etc…but what? Nothing happens… UK and US got the servers but still nothing happens, because they understand how it works. Internet is another dimension, its complicated but powerful. Only there, the truth comes out, that’s all I can say.

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11 thoughts on “License to Blog: Where is Democracy?

  1. Government intervention is never welcomed. Governments want money as much as they don’t want negative dissent.

  2. This is unfortunate but not surprising. Governments need to tax in order to survive. With walls coming down due to everyone being connected globally, it stands to reason that the lines get blurred. In the states, many people are getting taxed by several states for the same thing on things like cell phone usage. Buy a phone in California, take a road trip to Nevada and make a call to Texas…all three states want to tax you for the same call. It’s ridiculous. Regarding your blogging situation, if you look into it, there are likely ways to get around it. Like you said, servers are located in other places. Government can try, but they can only do so much.

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts PotatoChef and Christian. Although may I add that I think the Government lives off very well and they are surviving one another(Gov’t Officials) for the taxes… 😀

    They are already charging people much, and I think they are so obsessed just fining citizens, and even illogical stuff they will try to find, just to “punish” people, which I don’t know what cause. Mostly, unreasonable and selfish.

  4. Hi Lyndsay! It’s all about money and power. Sounds like your government is totally out of line on this idea. 150 USD to blog each month is ridiculous. If that happens, there will be very few bloggers. I personally cannot afford an extra bill that sizable each month. I hope it doesn’t go through.

  5. Hey Bob, Yeah…funny, isn’t it? just to think about it…that some bloggers are struggling to earn $10 a month and they are trying to charge $150?!!! 😀 That’s bankrupt…lol…

  6. Well if they do pass that resolution they’re just making themselves sound so CHEAP! We have the freedom of speech and in fact blogging had became a basic way that enables us to update people about what is happening in our government. Philippines is a DEMOCRATIC country and they should give the people their freedom to brought their opinions on public. Why do they want that? If I was not wrong the people who were trying to race this kind of ridiculous policy are those CORRUPT AND DISHONEST PEOPLE! Where would they bring the money if this happened? I would only be agreeing to the resolution if there is an assurance that all the taxes that would be obtain from this policy would go to something useful, but by what the flow of our economy I don’t think it’s worth it. The free license for blogging is much more needed now a days because there are many people who would be able to publish all the works of the governement that could open the eyes of many people about the true situation happening in the economy. Blogging is not about entertainment it’s about opinions that give facts! In my own thoughts there is really a dirty reason why there are those people who would like to raise this resolution, and in fact I don’t like to think how it sounds like! But I would like to thank Lyndsay for raising this topic I’ll try to make my post too in my blog to encourage other bloggers to stop the approval for this unethical and ridiculous policy.

  7. Hi Chris, Thanks for dropping by…and we all know this is ridiculous. Thanks again anyway for the appreciation! 🙂

  8. I don’t think this will will be implemented. If it is, they should do the same to all Filipino owned sites, not just bloggers. There are more filipino site that earn more than filipino blogger. Ex. – a pinoy classified that earn 10x than the average pinoy blogger. BTW, bullshit to our CORRUPT government. The tax will only goes to the hands of few croc. I dugg it 🙂

  9. They are gonna do the same to them Bart. Eventhough, there are still tons of downfall on this move like, limiting the educational progress…most students blog and contribute…and as another guy commented on this discussion in blogcatalog, he said, if that’s the case, no will use the internet.

    Yeah, I think its all about money and control anyway…and as it didn’t push through countries that planned the same years before, how can NTC do that? Even if it still pass through something (you know how it works back home to push through)…No one will do it anyway. Who’ll gonna pay for that? Do they have online police for that? Policing Freedom of Speech? WT? Government always think they have brilliant ideas doing stuff like this, but really, it’s not, it’s stupid.

  10. Yet another reason to migrate to other country. Our country is getting worse and worse. The government just want money from us. They might have noticed that we are earning some money so they thought why not also earn from us.

  11. Exactly…Are they thinking the majority really? but really not. As always, money, and all about money.

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