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Pinoy Aspiring Model: Arjun Cabildo


As the year ends,
I am 1000 miles away from you;
I heard the news that made our tears shed,
Yet I said, tomorrow’s start of something new.

You might not know how important you are,
Hearing negative murmurs from people that sucks…
Have hurt you and made you forgot, here we are…
Waiting, willing to listen,catch you if you fall.

Light is at reach, look inside you,
You got the strength you never thought you have,
Despite the strong words they threw you,
Remember the people behind your back.

They’ll stand behind you no matter what,
Loves you unconditionally whatever happens,
And you should never forget that.
You are a good man, brother… You Are.

Don’t make their words affect you,
You’re worth more than they thought,
And you know it, you just got to believe it.

You got hurt because you gave importance to them,
More than you did to yourself,
But you were wrong, and you now know it…
Prove them wrong, let your stars shine this time…

Rise from the pains it caused you,
Don’t just falter and give up,
Carry yourself up, and live your life…
You got everything they don’t have.

Have you realize why they are doing this to you?
Because you have everything they always wanted to.
You got it all that they have to worked hard before getting it,
Yet after all, they can’t still have it.

They want to see you fall and make you miserable,
And if they succeed, they will feel better than you.
Don’t let them succeed, brother. Don’t let them do.
Fight. Get-up. Win the battle you didn’t wish to start.
Finish what they’ve started with victory and triumph.

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