Victoria Beckham on Liquid LeggingsRihanna on Leather Leggings

Back to the 80’s Fashion

After the reign of skinny jeans, leggings are conquering the scene of fashion.  Leggings is the 80’s fashion that is coming back with a twist.  Of course, we don’t like an exact replica of the past, we change most of them for the better.  What do we have now?  Liquid Leggings, from the Fall Fashion Week 2009, liquid leggings are dominant.  Why not? it’s chic and very cool for Fall Season.  Liquid Leggings are made of latex (stretchable plastic), you don’t want to wear this warm climates, you’ll be sweating heaps!

Liquid and Pleather Leggings

Leather Leggings vs. Liquid Leggings

Alternate for liquid leggings?  Well, Leather Leggings it is!  Anyways, leather leggings aren’t new to fashion, most rockstars and artists wear it on stage, just like Rihanna shown in the photo.  Leathers do the job for cold weathers, as well as the look.  There are available alternatives like Pleather Leggings which is a lot cheaper but the look stays the same.  It is called pleather because it is made out of plastic but made to look like leather, smart right? Yep. Eco-friendly as you are recycling plastic and you save animals to get leather. 😉

Not to mention you can wear satin or silk leggings to get the same look and style effect during warmer climates.  Great for Spring and Summer Seasons.

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