Leaked Rihanna Nude Pictures Online  After all the controversy from Chris Brown beating up and all that, Rihanna is really having a hardtime. Nude Photos of Rihanna are crawling the blogosphere and celebrity websites  now, which is not cool. Yet, it is one of the hottest topic on blogosphere…

I’ve seen the photos but I wouldn’t want to spread it from my site. It was a self-taken photos of Rihanna from her Hotel using either her digicam or mobile phone.

Poor Rihanna…but she will be tougher than she was, I think.  She’s young and she’s a fighter.  Well, she’s got a great career ahead of her, still young, and everybody wants to get a piece of her.  Whether bad or good, it’s still publicity for her.  Guess what? It always get her a good sale.  Of course, she will benefit from either it (good or bad publicity), but I prefer to give her the positive one. 😉

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2 thoughts on “Leaked Rihanna Nude Pictures Online

    1. Yeah, I know but girl, you don’t know how is like here in the Philippines! lol I’d rather be safe than sorry… 😀

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