Paris Hilton, the famous Hilton daughter is known for being invincible!  People said it is obvious because she’s a Hilton.  Got a lot of money, easily can get away with almost anything, but this one is nothing…  Let’s hear what our Guest Blogger Angelique says about her winning a lawsuit again…

“It isn’t often that Paris Hilton and National Lampoon make the BBC News, but Hilton just won a lawsuit in Miami in which she allegedly failed to properly promote a National Lampoon film project she participated in. Investors in the film were asking for $8.3 million in damages, saying that Hilton failed to promote the DVD release of a movie called Pledge This!”  

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One thought on “Lawsuit, Once Again Paris Hilton Won!

  1. We’ve been watching Paris Hilton’s BFF. Where do they get hold of these people? They are from another world!

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