Oh shucks!  My “HILLS” sickness is back!  Geez, I couldn’t help but to catch up of what I miss…  I am going through the Season 3 of “THE HILLS” Episodes.  I’m having the marathon watch of the series…hahaha!  I need to say something, it’s not a trashy show, Lauren is great!  I’ve watch her from “THE LAGUNA BEACH” to “THE HILLS” and she is an amazing personality and character.   She got her values in tact.

the hills

Hooray for Lauren! I’m need to catch up….I’m gonna tell you guys what happened to them when I get to the latest episode okay? lol…I promise, I will!  You will hear more about “THE HILLS” soon.  So, if you are  a fan too? You will sure love it!

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