Yes! My jewelry boutique is up here on my blog!


Been thinking of what to do with my blog for a product launch for a while now and I finally found Chloe and Isabel Boutique to teamed up with for my style jewelry product partner.  Their pieces are high quality, well crafted, and fits any style which is why I have no problem representing them.

Jewelry price starts at $22 and FREE shipping for more than $100 purchased products. Different collections launched to recreate and update to the latest fashion style. Yep, what’s new is cool!

I’d like to share how fun is it to join of C+I team as you get stylish freebies too (Uhuh, you read it right!), contact me if you wish to become part of our Chloe and Isabel circle to begin racking your freebies. Although, if you don’t want to go through the requirements but have a great circle of people who are potential Chloe and Isabel clients, you can also earn you FREE jewelry by hosting a pop-up party!

My Chloe and Isabel Boutique

What is a Pop-Up Party?

It is inviting a merchandiser and hosting her as well as her pieces to showcased with your invited friends.  Depending on the pieces ordered at your hosted pop-up party, your merchandiser will give you a surprise gift for such a great host (not a surprise anymore, I spilled the beans! sorry! :D).  If you want to know more about hosting, contact me for more details.

I am working on learning my products and my first ever pop-up party. I will keep you all updated on my social media, follow me! Check the link on the right sidebar! ===>>>

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