Nokia’s Armour Against HTC and iPhone

After the turn of the Millenium, everyone are all looking forward to the best technologies to come.  Technologies have helped people around the world to make lives easier.  Laptops, digital cameras, video cameras, mobiles, etc…

Internet is getting more and more popular, and from the Internet comes the entertainment of all time.  Online games, movies, music, news, blogs, etc…  Making everyone wants to have their laptops with them to connect to the Internet and to the world.  More and more develop gadgets are coming up to make it possible.

Mobiles are the easiest gadget to carry around, and now it is possible to connect everywhere in the world through the Internet with the help of a mobile phone.  Fashionistas loves it flashy and techie, so here’s Nokia N97 coming soon.  It will be battling against HTC’s handsets, well I think it is made based from HTC’s handsets because it’s getting popular and a lot cheaper.

Nokia as one of the top makers of mobile phones would not want to be left behind, so Nokia N97 will soon conquer the gadget stores!

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2 thoughts on “Latest Gadget for Fashionistas – Nokia N97

  1. I’ve seen this phone in cell shops. The white version is <3. I want to have one! Haha! 🙂

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