This is a sign that Lady Gaga is becoming an icon.  Fashion designers are now appreciating L.Gaga’s boldness regarding to wearing her costumes, or shall I say her Marketing Style.  It works, so why not?  Fashion designer Giorgio Armani designed for Lady Gaga’s performance outfit on American Idol which has become a controversy for being so daring yet stylish.  Plus the fact that a famous name in the fashion industry noticed Lady Gaga, and has now made her a model for his creation.  Let’s read more on our Guest Blogger, Angelique from Couture in the City about it.

“Lady Gaga wore a silk mesh bodysuit with embroidered Chantilly lace and crystal and jet beading. Over it, she will wear a silk organza cape  with an embroidered hood and black patent stiletto boots.

“American Idol is a real modern phenomenon that has captured the public’s imagination and delivers great drama,” said Giorgio Armani.” Read More…

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One thought on “Lady Gaga Wears Armani on Idol

  1. Lady Gaga’s fashion sense is really unique, but I have to admit that even though her wardrobe is extra ordinary she can pull it off every time.

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