Before I left The Republic of the Philippines (RP) in 2004,  the Korean Tele-series are starting to become popular.  For about three years after, when I came back it has already a widespread phenomena!  My sister even bought a dvd for a Korean Tele-series marathon every night!

Korean Women Hairstyles

The Rise of Korean Fashion in RP

Okay, it didn’t stop there.  The lives of every Filipino has changed their views of good looking guys and girls turned from hunky and sexy white people to feminine slim and fashionable asians.  I don’t know, I can’t even understand how easily their views can be changed by media.  Anyway, much for that but the styling and fashion industry here in the Philippines is influenced by the Koreans.

Hairstyles is the noticeable change to teenagers.  The Korean hairstyle which is quite interesting to try too is very cute but tricky to pull it together.  Koreans appear so cute and feminine, even the guys are, so certain personalities can bring it all together to look good.

Korean Men Hairstyles

Korean Hairstyle in the Philippines

For women, gone are the cliche long permed hair.  It has now evolved to something bubbly and interesting.  Let’s see what are the Koreans have started in the hairstyle section.

Long hairstyle for Koreans have evolved into different styles such as long and wavy, layered, yet most of the times the fringe is highlighted.  Same goes with the short hairstyles,  they have sorted to short and curly, bob cut,  and always making a twist with the fringe as well.  Not to mention the attention seeker colors they use after a cool hair cut.  Red hair color and highlights are often in the mainstream.

Men’s Hairstyle I reckon is almost the same, layered with side fringe.  They varies only with their choice of colors and how they style it with hair substances they want to style it with.

In my opinion, the Korean women  hairstyles are cool but not so much a fan for men’s hairstyle.  I still prefer the hunky look or bald or geeky, something that would not make a guy look feminine, that’s just me though… 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Korean Hairstyle Fad

  1. I’m a filipina,Last year I went to the Philippines to visit my family.I went to Korean hair salon in SM mall in Cebu.I want my hair rebonding again.I want to know where I can get to use for hair rebonding?????????

    1. Hi Lorna, most salons here are offering good rebonding deals. I would suggest Toni & Guy Essensuals Salon (although they’re only in Manila), you can try David’s and Bench Fix.

  2. Help! I’m having trouble opening your links! Is it ok from your end? I will try again after the game.

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