Have you experienced going to the salon knowing the exact hairstyle you want but then it doesn’t look good on you after it’s done?  It is because the hairstyle you want most probably doesn’t suits your facial shape.  You have to know your facial shape before choosing hairstyle you want for you not to end up with ridiculous look and ends up frustrated. Save yourself by dealing with bad hairstyle solutions afterwards!

Don’t worry, I will help you search and find out about what your facial shape is and then knowing what hairstyle to choose that fits your style and shape.  You can just let your hairstylist what you want and let him do what will be the best for you, although it doesn’t work 100% when I tried it, it’s always worth trying if it works.

TIP: Good relationship with your hairstylist get good results too.  Treat them good, and you’ll look good.

This is in relation to one of my readers’ question: “Which Hairstyle Will be Best for Me?”, coming from Harpreet Singh Gill’s comment on the post Men’s Hottest Hairstyle for 2009.

Facial Shape to Determine Your Hairstyle

Round Facial Shape

Drew Barrymore

ROUND SHAPE – You have round shape face if you have wide as long face with soft jaw lines.  This facial round shape should avoid short haircuts like bob cut, and cropped.  Short haircut will make your face appears bigger.  Recommended haircuts are the ones with height at the crown, it will balance  out the width of your face.  Tied-back hairstyles are great with this facial shape.

Tip: Tying your hair would be easily in place with a stylish tied-back hairstyling kit, try different hairstyle for only $5 or less.

Sandra Bullock Facial Shape:Square

Sandra Bullock

SQUARE SHAPE – This facial shape is the same with round shape, although square shapes have angular features specially visible on jaw lines.  Short to medium length hairstyle will look great on this facial shape.  Most hairstyle would look good in this shape with precaution.  Long hair is okay, but avoid straight long hair, I recommend layered if you do want to have longer hair.  Fringes will help balance the angles, and bob cuts are cool but making it sure that it wouldn’t fall on your jaw line which will make your face appear more angular, bigger, and wider.

Tip: Professional hairstyling brush will come and handy to retouch and add volume your hair that will make you look vibrant.  Revlon Hot Air Kit is great with 2 different sized round brushes and a nozzle to be used as a hair dryer, for only $18.52, what a great deal!

Oblong Facial Shape

Niki Taylor

OBLONG/RECTANGULAR SHAPE – Oblong and Rectangular are the same, having longer face than it is wide, except jaw lines will determine which is which.  Rounder jaw lines fall into oblong shape and angular jaw lines to rectangular.  Layers creates the illusion, tricking eyes to make it look great balancing the angles.  Do not grow your hair too long as it will make your face appear longer than it is.

Tip: You can try to tie it back every now and then if you wish to grow it long.

Heart Facial Shape

Jennifer Love Hewitt

HEART SHAPE – This facial shape is easy to determine, having narrow jaw pointed chin like with wider cheekbones or forehead.  Often heart shaped face has a distinctive hairline on their forehead that really emphasize their heart shape face.  A bob cut falling on to your chin will be perfect, giving your narrow jaw the illusion of a wider one.  Long hair suits this shape as well, but avoid height on the crown as it will make your face look long with your pointed chin.  Avoid super short hairstyles like cropped bob.

Tip: Luckily, almost every hairstyles work with this shape. I recommend 4 in 1 Styling Kit to get every hairstyle you want to experiment with your look, only $39.99.

Diamond Facial Shape


DIAMOND SHAPE – Diamond shape face have its cheekbones the widest with narrow forehead and jaw line almost at the same width.  This facial shape have the most freedom in hairstyle, everything works for this.  Highly recommended is a short hair cut emphasizing cheekbones, ask your stylist to put weight on your nape to give a dramatic diamond face hairstyle.

Tip: Short hair with a little volume at the back would be easily managed with styling mouse or hair polish to get it smooth, shiny, and manageable.

Oval Facial Shape

Julia Roberts

OVAL SHAPE – You have oval face if the length of your face is one and a half the size of your face width.  As much as the diamond face shape, this has a freedom to have any hairstyle you want, so experiment as much as you want!

Now that you know what shape of your face, you are ready to choose the hairstyle that will look great ad amazing to you without wasting all your money and whining about the bad haircut you’ve had.  More equipped in looking good and feeling good!

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