Most people think of this temple when the temple name Ankor Wat is mentioned.  I, myself was like that simply because of the movie that made it popular to the world, the “Tomb Raider”.

Yes, the Angelina Jolie’s movie.  In the movie, it was majestic, no wonder after the movie was shown people never stopped to visit and see it.  I tell you what, it is truly amazing!  Ta Prohm is actually my favorite among the temples.  Like how my friend Jen said it, it looks so mysterious.  I agree!  The ruins look wonderful having those amazing huge trees on it.

Amazing the scenery it was, I had a very annoying experience there.  What is it? Oh simply because my sh*tty digital camera ran out of battery at the best temple ever in Siem Reap!!! Waaaaaaaaaah!  It was the worse part ever of the temple trip!  Good thing my travel buddy Shogo from Japan, lent me his iPhone to take shots until the sunset viewing.  I know it’s not as good, but at least it got me something to do.

Now, I am just waiting for the sunset photos until Shogo has time to put them together when he’s back home.  He needs more time, he’s in Japan and recently, we all know that tsunami has hit Japan.  Shogo says he’s okay and his family in Japan, so thank God they’re alright.

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3 thoughts on “Khmer’s Pride – Ta Phrohm

  1. I can’t believe I only went to Cambodia for 20 minutes, it looks unbelievable. I’l have to go back and do it properly next time!

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