(Khao Ok Thalu or The Broken Head Mountain)

It was 2 years ago when Leizel and I traveled all the way from Bangkok to Krabi, it was the first time I saw the mountain that by then, I have no idea yet what it is called.  Khao Ok Thalu which means “Broken Headed Mountain”, the mountain got its name from the legendary story of lovers in Thailand.

Legend of the Landmark

It was actually 2 mountains lying beside each other; Khao Ok Thalu and Khao Hua Taek (means “Pierced Heart Mountain“) with both having a coinciding legends.  “The story made about these mountains were the 2 wives of a local ruler’s jealousy to each other that one was stabbed at the back and the other got a broken head and they were turned into mountain to forever face each other”.  Khao Hua Taek has a hole which is a cave symbolizing the stab.A tragic double suicide murder as quoted in the book  “In the Land of Lady White Blood”.

(Khao Ok Thalu and Khao Hua Taek)

I do remember being amazed by these mountains on our way to Krabi and when I moved here in Patthalung I know that the mountain looks familiar.  I have to ask what are the nearby towns around and was told we are 2-3 hours away from Krabi.  Gotcha!  That explains why the mountains are familiar to me.  I think I’d take a shot one time for a close one.  We will soon move to a house with amazing balcony that looks over the mountain, it would be sweet!  I would give you a peek once we’re all settled.


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