Last week when I got a call from Mrs. Madj Yarza inquiring about our catering business.  Her voice sounds cheerful and lovely, and she said their event will gonna be a concert for a cause for her daughter Kcat.

To my surprise she is a neurofibrosis 2(NF2) patient, and finding out she wants to have her birthday really special raising funds for her medications and continuous recovery, she also wants to share the benefits to other NF2 patients in Philippine General Hospital.  Isn’t it amazing how a person like Kcat wants to share her blessings to others as well? When she herself needs medical attention… She’s lovely hey.

I admire Kcat for being so smart, even in her situation she manage to be productive.  To all who does not know Kcat is also a graphic artist that maintains her blog at:, visit her site to know more about her and her birthday bash ( concert for a cause).

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